Long distance relationship

Every relationship has got it’s ups and down’s. But none of those can actually compare to those you’ll face when you decide to be in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships work differently for everyone. However, it is hard to ignore the facts of long distance relationships. Including not being able to see each other everyday. Even though there is Skype honestly nothing beats live conversations, hugs and kisses. Even spending those intimate quite moments together are priceless and irreplaceable when you decide to go long distance.

How long should makeup last?

Did you know that your makeup has an expiry date? I know I didn’t. But it does, and generally we have no idea how long our make up should last. And as any makeup lover will attest sometimes we tend to keep it till there’s nothing left or its dried up. However, keeping and using your makeup past its expiry date can cause a lot of problems for your skin. Which is why I compiled a list of products and how long they tend to last. After all, what good is makeup if it is going to do you more harm than good?