Dealing with conflict

Conflict is something we have all come across at one point or another. Whether at school, at work or even at home. Conflict is just one of those things that is hard to avoid. Especially when working with different people. Conflict can be a negative energy which at times destroys relationship especially when people don’t know how to manage it. Which is why, when faced with conflict sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away.

5 ways to get through your periods

Ah period’s. That one time of the month when, for some of us everything seems to stop. All of sudden you can start to feel more tired than usual, irritable and even upset at everything and everyone. For someone like me, my period is one of the worst weeks. Not just for me but for everyone around me. About a week before my period starts I become very irritable and angry at everyone and anyone. I start crying about everything and anything and I even start craving chocolate and sweets. Even though in my everyday life I hate chocolate and sweet things.