Liver health

Recently I had one of the biggest health scares I have had in a long time. During a […]

Bone broth

As someone who is not a big believer in diets. I usually have to turn to food to […]

Eating organic

When most of us think about organic food, the first thing we often think is EXPENSIVE. And whilst […]

Healthy living made easy

When I was looking through new years articles about diets and detoxes to get my year to a […]

Is chocolate good for you?

With April here, it also means Easter is very close by. For some of us, this means we will be indulging in some Easter bunny chocolate’s as well as fun and games with the entire family.

But what about all the sweets and chocolates we will be eating? Is chocolate bad for us or can we go ahead and have as much as we like? When it comes to chocolate, there is a huge difference between what is good for us and what is bad for us. The difference is in the ingredients used such as Cacao and Cocoa, which sound the same but are actually not. Cocoa is processed cacao.

What time to eat dinner

As some of you might already know, eating dinner is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. This means eating dinner between 5pm and 7pm. This way our bodies can digest the food and we sleep better. However, sometimes eating at 5pm or 7pm doesn’t work and we end up eating late.

Your sugar and salt intake

Every now and then we can find ourselves indulging in food that has lots of salt and sugar or both. I understand ladies, it happens. We just can’t help it. We often fall into the trap that we need these, but how much of it is too much? Yes, sugar is needed for energy and salt for the muscles. But in the long run it does create health problems if we have too much of it. Which is why its better to have small amounts every now and then.

Why eco-friendly products are expensive

Buying into the Eco-friendly products can be so difficult and expensive. Especially as we didn’t ask for all the food that we eat to be genetically modified. To make matters worse, some brands go as far as lying on their packaging stating that their products were produced naturally. As a buyer we cannot even buy spring bottled water anymore. For all we know its tap water filtered through a dirty dish cloth.