Is suicide worth it?

Most of the time in life we face different and difficult challenges. We cannot change what happened to […]

Losing a loved one

When people die, it’s never easy to accept their absence. Speaking from my own experience of losing a loved one, I recently buried a friend of mine. I’ve also lost my parents and many other loved ones. Through all of this no death hit me harder than losing my boyfriend. It felt devastating. To this day I haven’t fully healed but I’ve learn’t to cope much better than before.

Sexual violence in South Africa

Ladies, its time we start talking about rape. Rape is not just vaginal penetration but oral and anal too. This can be done with either genitals or other object’s. As we know rape is a big challenge in our country. And sadly we have one of the highest rape statistics in the world. We live in a society where we as young women are raised to act, dress and behave in a particular manner. This is because we are told that we will entice men into raping us if we don’t behave. It can however not be my responsibility to control how someone acts; I can’t be blamed for someone raping me.