Self love as gym love

Like many people, when life gets busy, getting in a good workout is often the first thing I stop doing. Not because I don’t want to but because other thing stake priority. Like the past few weeks for instance. Not only have I been very busy moving house. But I have also been very busy with work which has left me very little time to sweat. After looking into it, I realized that although working out may seem like a non-priority, it was just the thing I needed. After all, what else helps keep you focused, alleviate’s stress and keeps you fit all at once?

So after making a lot of excuses, I have now finally gotten back into my workout routine. Which is not only a big relief, but as it turned out, just what I needed. Because whilst many of us will drop everything for loved ones, finding that time for ourselves is just, if not, even more important. With my workouts on track I am realizing that I am less irritated, feel less stressed, and sleep MUCH better than before. Not only that but my mental focus is much better than it has been in a while. Which is why I would recommend we all take that little time to take care of ourselves. Whether thats through walks or a gym class. It is important to keep moving, and to remember that whilst everyone is important, so are you.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!

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