More about GirlZtalk

More about GirlZtalk

Get ready to be even more hooked to your phone – because is here for you!

You need a private, fun space to connect, inspire and encourage each other to reach your full potential, and that’s why is on the web, on Mxit, and on social media too.

Here on the site, you can:

  • Pick the Sister Space that interests you, and hang out to…
  • Get advice
  • Share your tips with others
  • Enter creative writing challenges
  • Read articles designed to get you up to speed with the best info

You can also…

  • Find out more about GirlZtalk Groups, where you can meet other GirlZ IRL (In Real Life!) and take part in awesome activities
  • Find out more about getting a GirlZtalk group to perform at your school and bring to life the issues you face

And finally, you can…

  • Post a selfie to introduce yourself in the Photobooth
  • Give us your honest feedback about the site: you’re the bosso!
  • Sign up for free SMS or email updates from GirlZtalk
  • Share GirlZtalk with your friends via Facebook, free SMS or email
  • Join us on Facebook!

BONUS! We know data costs and connection can be a drag… that’s why we made this site 100% mobile and wallet friendly! Click ‘switch to lite’ on the bottom of the homepage to save money and time when using the site.