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Lesbian & Bisexual Health risks  With the world still stigmatizing lesbians & bisexuals its important to know how to deal with the stress & health risks
Dealing with peer pressure  At some point we have all experienced some form of peer pressure. So what do you do when faced with it? Elle-K explains
Earing types  Choosing the right earrings for your mood & type of occasion can be tricky. Zandi shares some tips on the best earrings.
Sunday Reflections  With winter making us want to stay in how are you pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to stay healthy & active?
Excersizing on an empty stomach?  Not sure if you should hit the gym on an empty stomach or not? C-Kay shares some advice and sheds some light.
Balancing your love life & school  Balancing your love life and school can seem impossible, but some planning and prioritizing may solve your dilemma.

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