GirlZtalk Groups are led by high school girls or young women from your community.

They share our vision to give every girl the opportunity to share her voice and get support.

The aim of the Girlztalk groups is to bring girls together to have fun, and to share ideas and thoughts on issues that girls are facing.

We already have 7 awesome groups across South Africa!

Find out if there’s one near you, or learn how to start your own by clicking an option below!

GirlZtalk groups are 100% free – and any girl can join!

Each week, the group receives a topic, with creative ideas on how the topic can be explored.

Group members have discussions, play games, sing, dance…basically anything to help you share and express yourselves!

Our golden rule is: What is said in GirlZtalk stays in GirlZtalk.

The GirlZtalk team is on the end of the phone or email to answer any questions about making the most of your group, and will even visit you at least once a year.

We’ll be making sure all GirlZtalk groups across South Africa meet up at last once a year, too!

Excited to set a group up or join one near you? Find out more!

We have 7 awesome Girlztalk groups in South Africa, plus 1 in Zimbabwe.

1. Makhuba, Venda
2. Leyden, Limpopo
3. Rustenberg
4. Krugersdorp
5. Maharishi Institute, Johannesburg
6. Soweto, Johannesburg
7. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

If you’d like to know how to join any of these groups, please email Dorah Marema:

No group near you?

Start up your own GirlZtalk group!

It’s really simple and here’s how!

If you are 12 or older, and a responsible member of your community who is passionate about making a difference for girls in your community, then we would be really excited to help you start up a GirlZtalk group.

There are just a few simple steps we need you to follow to make your GirlZtalk group official and to have it up and running.

Each Girlztalk group needs a leader, who is above the age of 12 and a strong role model in her community, and an advisor who is a trusted adult who can provide assistance and support to the group.

Your chosen leader and advisor will have to fill out a registration form and send it to us with a photocopy of ID. Once your application has received approval we will contact you.

Your Group will be officially recognised by GirlZtalk and we will send you our handbook so you can start right away.

If you’d like to apply, please email Dorah Marema:

We look forward to welcoming you to the GirlZtalk family!