Girls of Africa

Girls of Africa

GirlZ of Africa: Promise, Mpumalanga

On studying: " I am (enjoying studying) hey very much. But its stressful. I have to go to work during the day and come back and study later on, and my baby wants to play. But I know it will all be worth it at the end." Promise Mathebula, 27, Mpumalanaga

GirlZ of Africa: Manana, Lesotho

On side chicks and side dudes: "For some women, they date such men/guys unknowingly that they're dating someone who's in a relationship or with someone else. However some do it very knowingly, of which I'm against. It just raises so many questions. I feel like they're settling for less, it's like they're saying "its okay to be 2nd best/option". I'd love for them to empathize and get a feeling of sharing  your man, such behaviour is a disgrace. its wrong." Manana Mothabeng, 20-something, Lesotho

GirlZ Of Africa: Mitchelle, Zimbabwe

"Its not a bad idea because a relationship doesn't necessarily mean you have to see each other everyday ortalk to each other everyday. What matters is the loyalty of a guy to his girl and the trust of a girl to his guy and most of all the LOVE." Mitchelle, 19, Zimbabwe

GirlZ of Africa: Rachel, Lesotho

"Communication is the key to a successful long distance relationship. Right now my friend she's getting married this coming September. I mean she's been working far from her bae but they made it officially to tie the knot. And again if one is faithful and committed nothing will stand in your way." - Rachel, Lesotho

GirlZ of Africa: Tramiah, Zambia

On some of the returned Nigerian girls: "I think that's a good thing. And countries can protect girls by ensuring security in boarding schools for girls and educate girls on the importance of being in the right place at the right time. The general public and those people who are against girl child education should be sensitized on the importance of a girl child education" Tramiah, 17, Zambia

GirlZ of Africa: Sophia, Botswana

"Oh yes I do (take a packed lunch to work) , I find that i get to save money and it helps me in refraining from buying the junk food that my colleagues tend to buy. I usually pack leftovers from the previous night with lots and lots of vegetables and green salad and a bottle of ginger + lemon water since i get bloated from sitting down for a long time. I find the water helps in digestion and my skin as well." Sophia, 26, Botswana

GirlZ of Africa: Ellen, Zambia

" I love everything about being a woman,it wasn't by a mistake i became a woman but i believe God had plans intentions of making me one,so that one day i become somebody's know women are just so special,and I'm lucky I'm one of them" Ellen, 22, Lesotho

GirlZ of Africa: Chipo, Zimbabwe

"(I do buy local products) Dendairy is a dairy company in Zimbabwe their products are so good (and the other one) is probrands. They are also local and produce other high quality food products and I love food. Unfortunately. In our country there is less production on health and beauty products from local companies" Chipo, Zimbabwe

GirlZ of Africa: Mimie, South Africa

"I love second hand shops. My friends call me a cheap skate. (But) the best thing about buying 2nd-hand clothes is that I always find fabulously unique outfits without spending a fortune.I mean who wants to wear exactly what everyone else is wearing? It's so embarrassing seeing someone who's wearing the same outfit as you. Buying 2nd-hand makes this very unlikely, as most of what you buy is always a limited edition." Mimie, 20-something

GirlZ of Africa: Sammie, South Africa

"When I got my first period, I didn't understand what was happening so I didn't tell anyone coz I thought that they'd think that I've been naughty. So I guess it's knowledge and education which helped" - Sammie, GirlZtalk use

GirlZ of Africa: Belinda Malunga Pt.2

"Even though l hadn't failed my results were short of the required minimum point to get into law school. l could see those who looked up to me were dissapointed, those who were often times intimidated felt vindicated. l was ashamed of myself still am, l got off my high horse cause reality had worked its magic ,and the scholarship its not as simple as l thought. My mom well she cannot afford college ,and the final reality l am looking for work. Story of my life."

GirlZ of Africa: Belinda Malunga Pt.1

"To say the past month has been a humbling experience is an understatement. In high school l was the best, an over achiever ,the girl who surpassed the entire constituency to land a post in the junior Parliament. l had it all figured out, l was going to be a lawyer curtsy of some European scholarship ,until the A level results came out ,chai, it was not going to be as l thought had thought." 

GirlZ of Africa

"My biggest lesson this year was challenging and growth. I like staying in my comfort zone, I like stability and I was never one to jump onto a project that would require too much challenge and difficulty. With my new job, all that changed. I had reached a place of complacency at my previous job but with the new job, my career and my personal growth got the jolt it desperately needed. However it was not easy - it has been a painful process for the most part. I've been pushed beyond my ability, crazy work hours, my health has seen better days and my stress levels have reached an all time high (even landing up in hospital during an extremely strenuous period). But looking at myself now compared to myself last year, I see a grown up lady, who is 10 times more confident in her abilities. As they say, 'nothing ever grows in the comfort zone'. This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and I am beyond grateful for all the growing pains that have come with it." Mulalo, 25, Analyst

GirlZ of Africa: Phindile

"This year hasn't been too easy but I'm learning to be gentle with myself, to remember the good things in life and not lose sight of who I am and where I want to be. Sometimes we let life happen to us and we forget that before anything else, life is a collaboration, it gives and takes from you." Phindile, 27, Consultant & Student

GirlZ of Africa: Zanele

"This year I have leant to believe in myself more and be confident and comfortable as me and not try to be someone else. I have leant that I cannot please everyone and I shouldn't do things for people but myself. I have also leant that family is everything, and although we fight deep down family always wants what's best for you. I have leant to love myself and be happy with me, my happiness comes from me no one else." Zanele, 28, Student

GirlZ of Africa

"I have experienced enough anxiety and confusion in my 20s that now at 25, I have understood that peace and self-awareness are things that consistently need work and attention, pockets are never empty and there will always be someone who love you back. But really what is most important is to appreciate what I have no control over." Lea, 25, Actress, teacher and dancer

GirlZ of Africa: Meet the team Edition

"My name is Gugu Louw but you can call me Adorah. I was born in a home that was filled with so much love and laughter that being awesome everyday is mandatory!!I absolutely love clothes # addict,  but I'm a sucker for accessories and I'm big on prints!❤ Accesories have the power to perfect any outfit for anything essentially. I love writing too, so thought it would be great if i combined the two and here i am writing for the space.I believe that empowerment of women stems from within. If one is comfortable with who they are, it shows on the outside. So if I'm feeling Chanel, I would definitely rock a Marilyn Monroe outfit!I belive that knowing who you are makes it easy to adorn yourself in anything you desire and rock it! Seasons may change but fashion stays growing! I want to change how you see yourself and play a part in growing up to the liberation that is within yourself and your next outfit! Here's to pimples and lipsticks?" Gugu, Incoming writer for Fashion & beauty

GirlZ of Africa: Meet the team Edition

"Hi! ladies my name is Nokhanya Sisilana and i write about caring for your world on the girlztalk site under the name of Bongi. The reason why I love writing about this space is because I love nature and I am one for the protection and conservation of it. So informing the world about what is happening in our environment is important to me that's my way of creating awareness and educating another sister on whats really happening outside the door step of your home." Nokhanya, 22, Caring for our world writer

GirlZ of Africa: Meet the team Edition

"My name is Lerato Mokoena. I'm a model, free spirited person, I love laughing and mostly I enjoy communicating and interacting with people. Forming different types of relationships with people. I'm a long term relationship girl although I have had short relationships. I believe in empowering women with knowledge and guiding them through challenges in relationships." Lerato, incoming Relationships writer

GirlZ of Africa: Meet the team Edition

"I'm Sinethemba Mtshali, I write for sex and sexuality. I love writing for my sister space because it's one of those platforms where by l'm able to write about my experiences and try all my best to answer questions from you guys. I am sex and sexuality, you are sex and sexuality and we are sex and sexuality. So let us share our experience and things we are not sure about, so we can always be safe and enjoy at the same time." Sinethemba, Sex & Sexuality Writer

GirlZ of Africa: Meet the team Edition

"My name is Shezz,  a final year student doing a BA degree in Business Management. I love writing for the girlztalk mobisite because it is fun, connects me to millions of girls across SA and it helps me to grow and learn from the girls!  I enjoy taking big challenges and the studying and work sister space is challenging enough and keeps me engaged a hundred percent." Shezz, 24, Studying & Work Writer

GirlZ Of Africa: Meet the team Edition

“My name is Cikizwa Gaqa I am one of the writers for My sister space is Staying Healthy with C-kay. I put my hand up (literally) to be part of this team when it started out. The mobile site is now a year old and I’m glad I took it upon myself to put my hand up for this role. It has been an incredible journey, watching and nurturing the sites growth and being part of the team that shared the vision and put in the effort to make it a success. For me it was knowing that thousands of young girls and women were getting access to information that is factual, that would empower them with knowledge and thereafter make clear and informed decisions because of something they read on our site. I challenge myself with every article that I write and that gets me to a level of growth as a writer. By doing research and understanding the issues that young girls and women face on a health basis. I take that research and information, turn it into something that one would read and for them to make those conscious decisions for them and that I...

GirlZ of Africa, Gym Edition: Lucille, 22

"I'm trying to lose weight, because I don’t think I’m at the weight I am supposed to be and be more disaplaned and I think my lack of discipline has lead me to gain weight. The journey has been hard and a little inconsistent but I somehow keep coming back. I’ve lost 5 kg’s in 6 months which is good but I think I could have lost it quicker if I did it more."

GirlZ of Africa, Gym Edition: Fikile, 22

"I work out because I am scared of looking obese or fat, I prefer being petit too because and being a size 30 or 32. I guess its also because theres a stigma if you are too big, and people think you look better. I also workout because of my BMI because I am short so I don’t think I look good when I am big, and my aunt does marathons so in our family we prefer to look good and healthy than being unhealthy. I am also the kind of person who cant really do diets so I’d rather exercise and eat as much as I want."

GirlZ of Africa, Gym Edition: Khanya, 24

"Uhm I work out to stay fit to look good and for health reasons. I started working out this year febrary and its been a rollercoaster, some days are better than others but I try to do it as much as possible. I work out and I cycle too but I think consistency is the key when working out. I think it’s also great when people complement you and tell you that you look good, it makes you feel better about yourself."

GirlZ of Africa, Gym Edition: Primrose, 21

"I work out for two reasons: To maintain my weight and to tone my body. I also feel its important when you are young to try and keep your body as fit as possible because you are growing and you don’t do much exercise as you need to so you need to fit in time to workout and help your body. I also had TB in 2009, I was really fat and because of the TB I lost a lot of weight and I tried to maintain it ever since then so I could be healthy and also not get back to that weight. I also prefer working out by myself because I get to pace myself and don’t have to work at other peoples pace too."

GirlZ of Africa, Gym Edition: Nondumiso, 22

Nondumiso, 22“I work out just to stay healthy, and also I’m a student so I find myself studying a lot of the time so it’s a nice thing to do to take my mind off of school and work and that kind of thing. And the social aspect is pretty cool as well as you meet some pretty interesting people at the gym who broaden your horizons in terms of thinking”.