Overcoming trust issues

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have issues that come from our experiences. According […]

Words left unsaid

In whatever we do in life communication is always involved. Whether it is verbal or non verbal, it still plays a huge […]

Money and relationships

Money is a matter that can destroy relationships of any form when not handled properly. Some people go into relationships just for money or materialistic things.

It’s always best to separate your money from your relationship from the beginning. This is so that you don’t find yourself trapped in any bad situation. For example when getting married, my personal opinion would be that its easier and better to go for a prenuptial agreement than community of property agreement.

Dealing with conflict

Conflict is something we have all come across at one point or another. Whether at school, at work or even at home. Conflict is just one of those things that is hard to avoid. Especially when working with different people. Conflict can be a negative energy which at times destroys relationship especially when people don’t know how to manage it. Which is why, when faced with conflict sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away.

Family conflicts

We are born into families and unfortunately we don’t get to choose which family we want to be born into. Whether it’s rich or poor, family is family. And despite the difficulties we may face with them, family is important. As much as we would all like a perfect family, the reality is that it can be difficult to get along with your family. Each family has its own structure, rules and values to mention, which also makes solving issues unique. So what happens when you find yourself stuck between a family fight?

What to expect when your expecting

Finding out that you are pregnant can leave you bubbling with joy. During my first few weeks after finding out that the baby is on the way, I was just untouchable, forever smiling, just couldn’t hold it. But when time goes on you’ll have mixed emotions, want to cry, laugh, feeling lonely and all this can be good or bad. It’s very easy to become obsessive about yourself in pregnancy as your daily routine is affected by pregnancy. Whilst pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, it can also be scary. It has ups and downs; some days you might not even want the job of being a parent and feel the pressure of raising a human being and being responsible.

Who must carry a condom a guy or a girl?

We all think it’s a guy’s job to have condoms all the time, but what about us ladies?. Why are we scared to just go buy a packet of condoms in a shop? Is it because we worry too much about what people will say? Or that we will be judged by the teller at the counter who may think we are loose? What ever the case, I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to carry a condom. Especially if you are sexually active. As a woman, carrying a condom means you care about your health, well being and that you are willing to take the steps to protect yourself in any way possible.

3 ways to reignite your relationship

We have all been there. That moment when our long term relationship feels much older than it actually is. When the excitement and the “dating” stops and you both become lazy. Which is why it is important to constantly check in on your relationship to see how it is doing. Morever, to see how you can improve it and reignite the spark. Here are my three tips to reignite your relationship at any age and stage of your lives.