Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

GirlZtalk was created by the members of an organisation called Seed Community.

Seed Community believes that young women need a safe space to share our voices, to have access to vital information, and to be part of a supportive community to help each another reach our full potential.

We want to share our experiences, connect with girls and young women across South Africa and beyond so together we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Through the Seed Community mentoring programme all of us at GirlZtalk have been trained as mentors – passing our knowledge and skills on to others but also encouraging others to see the knowledge and skills they already have.

We also give student study and expenses loans to girls in South Africa so they can go to university. Seed Community believes a supportive environment is the key to success, and so offers trainings, workshops and a dedicated councellor who is on hand to connect with all students on the programme.

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