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  1. How to plan a study schedule. I never have time to study even when I do I never feel like studying.  What to do ?

    1. Hi Lerato, thank you for the question. Studying can sound boring, hence one never really makes time for it. There are factors that cause this such as being on social media 24/7, chilling with friends and loved ones or watching favorite TV shows that finish late when you are tired. The most important thing is to prioritize and know what is important to you. Find your time wasters. If your education is the most important thing, it should then be the one that is above everything on the list. This will help you to plan and manage your time effectively around your studies and other things. The best way to do this is creating a study schedule and this is how you can do it:

      • Know what courses you have to study for
      • Know which subjects need more work and which don’t
      • Arrange your courses in order of priority
      • Draw up a timetable and allocate your courses/subjects a time to study, like using your Saturday morning’s before going out to study for a subject you find challenging.
      • After drawing up your schedule you can let your loved ones and family know what times you have left for hanging out and chores. That way your mom will know not to expect you to wash dishes when you are studying.

      As for what to do, when you try to study and you don’t feel like it, you could try to make your studying surroundings more comfortable and conducive to studying. To find out how, read the article on “how to study” on our site: (
      I hope you find this helpful! Don’t forget to keep the questions coming! 🙂

      – Shezz

  2. Hey Shezz, I want to know if I’m a full time student and I’m looking for a job , must I always apply at retail shops only?

    1. Hi Sinethemba, thank you for the question. First of all I gotta commend your outlook on studying and working and acknowledging that you can do both! Well I must say that it is very difficult to find part-time work in corporate companies.

      Companies want to see the value for their money and employing you part-time will mean they spend more as they may need another person to fill in when you are at school. This is why corporate companies hire less part-time students.

      Retail is more accommodating because mostly they are busy on weekends, and it makes perfect sense for then to hire scholars. This does not mean that you can’t apply in companies as well, it is not easy but it can be done.

      My suggestion is to also look at types of work that can be done from home like writing, social media management etc., as this will give you more flexibility time wise.. I hope you find this helpful and good luck!

      – Shezz

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