Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, you may ask yourself whether it is safe to have sex during pregnancy. The answer is YES. Ladies, it is indeed safe to have sex for most women during pregnancy. However your midwife and/or doctor may tell you if it’s a no go area. If the health practitioner approves you can do what you feel is comfortable and feels good for you. Because despite what some people think, you don’t hurt your baby by having sex when pregnant.

When pregnant there is an amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus that protect the baby. The mucus plug also seals the cervix and guards against any infections. Also, when you have sex the penis doesn’t reach the baby making it safe for you and the baby. When it’s a normal pregnancy, orgasm and sexual stimulation will not lead to any miscarriages or labor.

Some women say sex feels different during pregnancy others say its better, while others don’t enjoy it. Most partners however find their pregnant lovers even more attractive during pregnancy. It’s also easy for mom to forget about daddy during pregnancy, because she is focusing her energy on developing the baby and the whole process of pregnancy. So sex is another way for mommy and daddy to bond.

Sex during pregnancy also has its benefits. When you are pregnant the blood flow will intensify your sexual desire, therefore improving your orgasm. No one wants to really exercise or watch their diet during pregnancy, so sex is a great way to burn those extra kilos. Sex also helps lower your blood pressure and keep your mood up through all your bodily changes.

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