Family conflicts

We are born into families and unfortunately we don’t get to choose which family we want to be born into. Whether it’s rich or poor, family is family. And despite the difficulties we may face with them, family is important.  As much as we would all like a perfect family, the reality is that it can be difficult to get along with your family. Each family has its own structure, rules and values to mention, which also makes solving issues unique. So what happens when you find yourself stuck between a family fight?

Most of the time we don’t know who’s side to choose because at the end of the day it’s family. The best solution is to call a family meeting and address the issue at hand. Keep in mind that you should have drawn up some solutions for the issue beforehand. Don’t go into the meeting empty handed because the likelihood is that you’ll cause more conflict because you’ll be dealing with only problems.

Remember that communication will always be key to solving any conflict. And try get stories from both sides and resolve the issue without involving your emotions or favoritism.

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