5 ways to get through your periods

Ah period’s. That one time of the month when, for some of us everything seems to stop. All of sudden you can start to feel more tired than usual, irritable and even upset at everything and everyone. For someone like me, my period is one of the worst weeks. Not just for me but for everyone around me. About a week before my period starts I become very irritable and angry at everyone and anyone. I start crying about everything and anything and I even start craving chocolate and sweets. Even though in my everyday life I hate chocolate and sweet things.

Since I’ve had my period now for more than 10 years now, I have come to learn some tips and tricks to make my periods a little more tolerable.

  1. Start the pill: This is not the best option for everyone, and for a long time I was against it myself. I didn’t like the idea that there was something like the pill that controlled my period. But after struggling with bad period pains I was forced to take the pill. After just two months, I must say, it has helped a lot. Not only are my period pains less painful. But they are also less heavy. Again, this would not have been my first option, but it has been the best one.
  2. Eat more red meat and dark green vegetables: Have you ever felt very tired around your period? Well I have. After talking to my DR I learn’t that because I don’t eat much red meat and dark green vegetables, I was becoming iron deficient around my period. This meant that I needed to supplement my diet with more red meat and green vegetables around my period to replace the iron I loose when I am on my period.
  3. Have hot baths: Ah, nothing beats a hot soak when you are on your period. Not only is the heat soothing, but it also works to reduce pain in my back and stomach.
  4. Exercise: I know this is probably the hardest one to follow but it does work. Not only does working out and moving get your mind off of the pain but its also good for you in the long run.
  5. Eat good food: As much as I am often tempted to binge on ice-cream and chocolate, this is the time when the body needs to be functioning at its best. Which means helping it by filling up on wholesome and nutritious foods.

So ladies, there you have it. I hope this will help you when that time of the month comes around.

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