First date vibes: How to slay & stay safe

Dating can be difficult especially in the first few days after texting and phone calls. Thinking back to my first date I was a mess! Luckily I’ve had a bit of practice. Although it never gets easier, there are some key tips that make it a little easier. Some tips that will help with nerves, stomach butterflies and non stop sweating. Or worrying about what to wear, how to act and what you’ll be talking about.

I’ve put together a few tips (even some personal ones) here to make sure that first date easy. And you slay yourself to a second date whilst still being safe!

What to wear:
This depends on your clothing style. We all have different tastes in clothing and our looks may vary. I also understand that you may want to leave potential bae screaming for more. It is still important to stay true to you. If he liked you well enough to ask you out then that means he likes you just as you are. But that doesn’t mean you cannot look your best so here are a few tips (head to toe) on what you can wear.

Let location be your guide to what look should go for reflect your environment! Example: If date is in a park then you can wear a dress,  or if it’s at night then you can wear jeans with a top and heels.  Also, pick one best asset to show off and that’s it.

For example: Do you have great arms? Wear a strapless maxi dress. Great legs? Wear shorts or a skirt. The bottom line—too much skin can actually be a turn off and look like you’re trying too hard.

You really want to represent yourself in a true, real way. Don’t show up in a t-shirt and torn jeans if you’re usually in feminine dresses and vice versa. Wear something that truly makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Because when you do that, you will have more confidence. And the more confidence you have, the more you will smile, the more you will engage and chances are, the more dates you’ll have!

Make up:
Some girls like loads of make up and some don’t.  A beauty regime of scrubbing, moisturizing and toning the skin is important. Healthy skin is key to great confidence. For the first date though I would suggest you keep a strict beauty regime.
Natural and minimal is always best for the first date.

Don’t forget:

Comfort should be your first priority! The last thing you want to do is be fidgeting with your outfit. There are more important things to be thinking about! Avoid extremes like overly trendy outfits or heavy makeup. Wear something that fits you! Comfort is key no matter what. If you feel good in what you’re wearing you’ll look good.Confidence is everything.

Be confident and be yourself. This is what will make a great first impression and guarantee a second date! (That is, if you want one!)


Its sad that at this day and age we have to talk about how to be safe all the time as a woman. But this is the current reality. So ladies, before going on your date, make sure to tell at least two friends and or family exactly where you are going. Also let people know what tie you plan to be back. This will ensure that if anything happens someone will be looking out for you. Be sure to also give the number of your date to someone you trust.

This way if your phone goes off they can try that person’s phone. And lastly ladies don’t get into a first dates care. It may be tempting to get a ride home and not pay for taxi/cab money. But really its about putting your safety first. Also know that by going on a date with someone it does not mean you have to have sex with them. Your body is yours and no one has the right to it without your permission.

Ladies, it’s your turn!

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