Staying Indoors

Winter is approaching, it probably is going to be very cold. Most people don’t want to do any outdoor activities, but who wants to sit in the house and watch the television all day long? Not all of us can watch the screen for long without any physical activity. Some people think when you are indoors you need to sleep or be on your phone/laptop or having sex but actually no, there’s so much to do. So here are some of the indoor activities you can do:
•Play games such as Scrabble,  Cards, any device game’s. ( Xbox or PlayStation)
•You can cook or bake, that could keep you warm.
•Be crafty, create something with any material you can find.
•Reminisce about memories with friends, what’s better than sitting around by the fire space if you have with hot cups of coffee and blankets talking about good memories.
•Start a book club & rotate the schedule

Not every moment you spend indoors should be dull  whether with your partner or friends. So ladies, what are you doing to keep busy this winter? Tell me here and be creative.

Ladies, it’s your turn!

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