Masturbation, a topic that is often shied away from by a lot of people. Whether male or female and especially in the black community its something we don’t talk about. I found myself and a group of friends discussing this issue  the other day. And I was surprised to hear how so many of them do it.

Masturbation is when you touch your body or sexual organs or use sex toys to get pleasure. This is something normally done for sexual pleasure. However one learns to explore their body and see what is erotically pleasing for them (which may be helpful in the bedroom with a partner) when doing it too.

When reading up on it, I was surprised to learn that it’s normal for young children to do this too. This is because its part of their natural way of growing and exploring the changes in their bodies. Some other reasons why people masturbate is because:

  • They are exploring their bodies in a sexual way.
  • For processes where a man is needed to give their semen for sperm donation or fertility process.
  • Some are single and need to relieve their sexual tension that built over time (you don’t have to find a partner to have sex).
  • For people who want to avoid the risk of falling pregnant or getting disease.
  • For the enjoyment.

So ladies, what do you think about masturbation?  Tell me in the comment section here. Also check out the next part of this particle next week for more information on masturbation and why it is good for you. Until next week

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