Eco-friendly body butter

As girl who wants to look best without harming the environment, finding Eco-friendly products is high up on my priorities. Not only are Eco-friendly products better for the environment, but they are also good for our bodies and skin. Which is why when I came across Woolworths Eco-friendly body butter I was sold.

The body butter is made from biodegradable ingredients and has no artificial colours. The butter is also made using naturally derived material and is perfect for sensitive skin. Furthermore, it is rich in fatty acids of omega 3,6, 9 and has vitamin a, c and d.

My skin is quite sensitive so testing products an be a tricky. Because you never know the reaction it will have on your skin. To my surprise I actually loved using this product over any scented products that made my skin very ashy. Not only did it moisturize and protect my skin and it feels even smoother than normal cream.

So whether you want to go green or you just want to try it out, I highly recommend the Woolworths Eco-friendly body butter. Not only that but it also cost just R50.00 which is small price to pay for our environment. So try it out ladies and tell me what you think. The cool thing is, they also have other Eco-friendly products you can try.

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