Sexual violence in South Africa

Ladies, its time we start talking about rape. Rape is not just vaginal penetration but oral and anal too. This can be done with either genitals or other object’s. As we know rape is a big challenge in our country. And sadly we have one of the highest rape statistics in the world. We live in a society where we as young women are raised to act, dress and behave in a particular manner. This is because we are told that we will entice men into raping us if we don’t behave. It can however not be my responsibility to control how someone acts; I can’t be blamed for someone raping me.

Often women are left haunted with the pain and memories of these scars. While perpetrators move on with their lives like nothing happened. Women are often blamed for being raped even being told “you asked for it”. You find women being raped by family members and they are forced into silence for the sake of the family reputation. After being raped some are left infected with diseases such as HIV or are pregnant. Many women are scared to talk up about rape or even report it. Sometimes even when reported in some cases there is not enough evidence to get a conviction. And the woman is further let down by the justice system.

However to understand rape, we need to understand that rape is not just bout sex but also about power. Whereby men can control & bully women. These are men we call brothers, friends, uncles, fathers and neighbors, whom we regard as our heroes and protectors but instead they turn around and violate us. They regard us as sexual objects but there is more to us than our bodies. It’s time to get these conversations going. I should not have to be taught how to protect myself or live in fear. Instead these men are supposed to be taught not to rape.

Why should we live in constant fear of our daughters, aunts, friend and mothers being raped? Why should fear hold us hostage? And why do we shy away from talking about rape? What’s being done to reduce this culture of violence? How long will this spiral out of control?

I can only be held liable for my actions. This is my body and when I say NO, I mean NO. Regardless of whether we are dating, married or a casual sex partner, my NO means NO.



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