Long distance relationship

Every relationship has got it’s ups and down’s. But none of those can actually compare to those you’ll face when you decide to be in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships work differently for everyone. However, it is hard to ignore the facts of long distance relationships. Including not being able to see each other everyday. Even though there is Skype honestly nothing beats live conversations, hugs and kisses. Even spending those intimate quite moments together are priceless and irreplaceable when you decide to go long distance.

Another issue that may arise when going long distance is loneliness. Especially when you see other people hanging out with their partners, you can feel the distance & loneliness. It’s not like you can call him/her and ask them to drop by in 20 minutes. As some one who has been in a long distance relationship, I also often felt fear. Fear that he or she could find someone else who is closer to the. Especially given the fact that you are being faithful and loyal.

These are a few of disadvantages you might face when you are in a long distance relationship. However it doesn’t all have to be bad. Being in a long distance relationship is a great way to learn effective communication. With distance you may find that you have more meaningful conversations and are more honest with one another.

So whether you decide to be in a long distance relationship or not, its important to remember why you are making that choice. And to be open to changes within your relationship. What ever they may be.

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