Body shaming

Let’s talk body shaming. Today’s topic is very close to my heart. Mainly because I’ve been a victim of this sort of thing and looking back I’ve probably body shamed other people. We know it exists because it is everywhere. It is something that we rarely confront but today I hope to change that.
Lets start by defining what it is. Body shaming is the action or practice of humiliating someone by making fun of them. Or making not nice comments about their body shape or size.

Not only does fat shaming exist in schools or in our communities but it can also be found in the media, magazines, movies, advertisement and books. It has become “okay” and even “normal” for people to criticize parts of our bodies as some type of bonding experience. Body shaming also makes us feel like we are not the only ones who are not perfect and makes us feel good about ourselves. Which is not a good way to deal with our insecurities.

Here are some ways that body-shaming can manifest:

1) Criticizing your own appearance, through a judgment or comparison to another person. This can be by saying something like “I’m so ugly compared to her.”  or “Look at how much cellulite my thighs have”.

2) Criticizing someone else’s appearance in front of them. This is the most common thing and we often hide its nature by pretending that its to be a good friend. But by saying something like “With those yellow teeth, you’re never going to be kissed.” it’s body shaming and hurtful.

3) Criticizing another persons appearance without their knowledge. Its where we say something like “Did you see what she’s wearing today? Big girls shouldn’t wear crop tops with stomachs like that”.

How do we challenge this? By being honest with ourselves and accepting all our flaws. You can do this by finding a positive role model. Think of people who celebrate their body for what it can do. Or people who refuse to comment on others’ physical appearances.

Spending time with these people can be especially helpful while you are struggling with your own body-shaming, and help you view yourself – and others – more positively.
So ladies, remember to find something (or things!) you LIKE about your body. And love yourselves, because ain’t no body gonna love you like you!☺

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts!