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    Can we be careful about what we pass to the young ladies reading these articles. Transgender is against Christianity, and Girlztalk has a foundation of Christianity. The few events I attended were filled with prayer, and were about teaching young ladies how to be their best in Christ. I can say that if the group stands for Christ, then lets use this website platform proudly to encourage young ladies to Be Hip in Christ.

    No bad intentions from this comment.


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      Dear Thandu,
      Thank you so much for your insightful comment. First off, I’d like yo clarify that whilst some of our members at Seed and GirlZtalk are Christian, we are not a strongly Christian group but instead we are open to all cultures, religions and beliefs hence we talk about a number of issues including transgender individuals, gays, lesbians and bisexuals. The hope for us at GirlZtalk is to promote a vast variety of young women who are free to think, believe and do as they want, with the right information of course. In this post as it is with all our posts, we do not encourage girls to be transgender because we believe that sexuality is not a choice but rather the choice is in accepting your sexuality which we believe everyone should be allowed to do.

      And we also understand that not everyone will agree with our posts which is fine and normal, but as an organization for girls, by girls, we have to promote free thinking and allow girls to be whom ever they choose.



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