Your sugar and salt intake

Every now and then we can find ourselves indulging in food that has lots of salt and sugar or both.  I understand ladies, it happens. We just can’t help it. We often fall into the trap that we need these, but how much of it is too much? Yes, sugar is needed for energy and salt for the muscles. But in the long run it does create health problems if we have too much of it. Which is why its better to have small amounts every now and then.

So whilst we may like some sugar with our tea, its important to know what effects lots of sugar can have on us. For instance, sugar can cause high blood sugar levels and cause insulin problems. Which is why its important to be careful of how much we have. Some individuals also develop sugar diabetes (type 2). High intake of sugar has also been linked to heart disease and high cholesterol levels.

Salt on the other hand, can be consumed in processed foods which is not good for one’s health. Some of these foods could lead to weight gain and could lead to health issues as the food is not fresh and provides less nutrients.

So the next time you think of adding more sugar or salt to your food – think of what it means for your health. Even eating a whole packet of chips or bag of cookies or cake which contain lots of sugar can be harmful to your body.

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