Why eco-friendly products are expensive

Buying into the Eco-friendly products can be so difficult and expensive.  Especially as we didn’t ask for all the food that we eat to be genetically modified. To make matters worse, some brands go as far as lying on their packaging stating that their products were produced naturally. As a buyer we cannot even buy spring bottled water anymore. For all we know its tap water filtered through a dirty dish cloth.

The extreme things that producers and sellers are willing to do to make a quick buck. Without taking into consideration the health of people who buy these products and the environment that is affected as a whole. Going green should be a way of life. A way for all of us to not just eat healthy but be healthy. But the price of health sometimes comes with a bigger price tag.

Whilst doing some research I also found out that the reason why Eco-friendly  products are so expensive is because they cost more to produce. Take fresh produce for example, when grown naturally it take’s a lot of time. And elements like the temperature, weather and seasons are vital to successful growth. Not only that but different fruits and veggies grow in different seasons, which means often when buying Eco-friendly, you wont find avocado’s during some months.

Organic farmers use no chemicals and use more labor. They also need more fertilizer and organic certification that takes up money and time. Artificial goods on the other hand, grow faster and produce food at a larger quantity. This is to feed into the demand for food from people. . That’s why its important to support our local vendors that sell organic produce even with the higher price tag. Or better yet start planting your own garden. This will not only help you to save, but it will assist you in going green.

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