Should I keep in contact with my ex?

We love, care and trust but then sometimes all of those things end. When relationships end it’s not always a great ending. From those horrible fights before the breakup where there is so much hate and frustration. Sometimes you don’t even want anything to do with your ex partner anymore. Although this can be different when the relationship ended with some kind of understanding,  the question is always “do I still keep contact with my ex?”.

It’s always up to you whether you still want to keep contact with your ex or not, although when making this decision there’s things you might want to consider. Things such as how are you planning to have a healthy friendship with your ex after everything that’s happened. How to put everything that was bad about your relationship behind you ?

Are you willing to watch him love someone else and wish it was still you? Sometimes it’s good to consider your feelings and the situation at hand. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to keep contact with your ex but sometimes it’s not always good to cling onto the past. Life moves on, focus on doing better for yourself and growing as a person. There’s always something great waiting for you.

Ladies, it’s your turn!

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2 thoughts on “Should I keep in contact with my ex?

  1. Something that will help us move on quickly after a bad breakup is forgiveness. I know most people will ask themselves that how can they forgive someone who has hurt you countless times? If only we can find it in our hearts to forgive we will find that life is not that bad after all.

    1. So true. We often think that forgiveness is about the other person but actually its about you, about not having to carry the weight of the negativity with you everywhere you go. But I think most of the time, people think forgiviness means forgetting and going back, it doesn’t.

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