Nail care 101

Who among us doesn’t feel better when we have a great set of nails to show off? Going to the salon and getting the works is one thing, but what are the steps to caring for those gorgeous nails all week long?

Here are five tips of taking care of your nails:

1. Coat the outside of the nails with polish or ridge fillers. This can help protect the nail and prevent breaking and splitting, at least while the manicure lasts. Moisturize the cuticle area to prevent cracking and peeling.

2. Wear gloves to protect nails and cuticles when doing housework, gardening and washing dishes.

3. Do apply hand cream frequently, especially after you’re done washing your hands, and pay attention to the cuticle area. Remember to wear sunscreen during the day on your hands and cuticles to prevent sun damage, which can hurt your nails and cause premature aging of the hands. Reapply every time you wash your hands.

3. Do meticulously clean all nail tools and change nail files often. Bacteria and other microbes can get transferred from the nail tools you use, causing infection or harm to the matrix. Do disinfect any tears or cuts to the cuticle, and treat ingrown nails as soon as possible.

4. Don’t use fingernails as tools to pry things open.Don’t use your fingers as letter openers. That destroys the cuticles, which destroys the nail matrix and affects nail growth and strength.

5. Don’t soak nails for long periods, and never use any kind of detergent. Don’t overuse any kind of nail-polish remover. Use a minimal amount on the nail and avoid getting too much on the cuticle and skin and don’t push the cuticle back too far.Leave the cuticle alone as much as possible. Trim only the part of the cuticle that has started to lift away from the nail.

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