Having a healthy sex life

Your health does not always apply to what you eat or how much you workout in a week. It also applies to your sex life as well. Everyday men and women enter into relationships looking for happiness, love, respect, care and support. But what about good and healthy sex? Which means having those sometimes awkward conversations with your partner that help you know each other more intimately. Not sure where to start? Here are some starting points for discussions you can have with your partner. These can make sure you are both comfortable, safe and both enjoy yourselves when having sex.

  1. When last were you tested for HIV?: This can seem like a difficult question but its an important one to ask, especially if you plan on not using protection.
  2. Are you using contraceptive?: If you are a guy, or even a girl, its important to know if your partner is using contraceptives. This helps stop unplanned pregnancies, unless you are planning on having a child. Contraceptives aren’t only for women but men can also use condoms as a contraceptive method.
  3. What things are you comfortable with doing?: It seems like a silly question but sometimes what gives your partner pleasure may not give you pleasure and vice versa. This is an important conversation to have to avoid any awkward and uncomfortable moments in the moment.
  4. Have you had any STIs?: And if so are you or did you take medication to treat them? Asking your partner about STIs is not rude but important to protect you both as HIV is not the only STI to be on the look out for.
  5. How can I pleasure you?: Many couples, especially when we are young hardly talk about this but its important to know what your partner likes and vice versa. After all, not everyone is the same.
  6. The importance of consent: It is always important to talk about consent with your partner and let them know that when you say no its no and same for them. Forcing someone to have sex with you is rape and not good for your relationship. Its also important to come up with a safe word in case you change your mind during sex so your partner knows to stop.

What other questions do you think are important?

What do you think about it? We love your comments, and other girls can find them useful, so please go ahead and leave your thoughts!