Low GI

Low GI stands for low Glycemic Index. This index helps determine and even with actual tests on the effect of certain products on one’s blood glucose. It also determines the physiological measure of how fast and the extent that carbohydrate foods affect the blood glucose level.

When ones blood glucose is not kept under control it can lead to being overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart related diseases. This is one of the reasons that one is encouraged to have a healthy diet that they follow, which does not mean that you’re starving yourself, but rather maintaining healthy balanced eating habits and exercising regularly.

Low GI offers:

  • Physiological effect of foods
  • Helps to keep blood glucose levels even
  • Substitutes the old rearms of complex and simple CHO (cholesterol)

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It’s important to keep our blood glucose to a minimum level. Keep taking care of yourself and making sure to live a healthy and well balanced life.

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