What to expect when your expecting

Finding out that you are pregnant can leave you bubbling with joy. During my first few weeks after finding out that the baby is on the way, I was just untouchable, forever smiling, just couldn’t hold it. But when time goes on you’ll have mixed emotions, want to cry, laugh, feeling lonely and all this can be good or bad. It’s very easy to become obsessive about yourself in pregnancy as your daily routine is affected by pregnancy. Whilst pregnancy can be a beautiful thing, it can also be scary. It has ups and downs; some days you might not even want the job of being a parent and feel the pressure of raising a human being and being responsible. What I’ve started to realize now though is that even though sometimes I may feel scared, I also know that it will be one of the most rewarding jobs of my life.


Your relationship with people living close to you eventually changes, it takes time for them to understand what you going through. Some are moved away due to your emotions while others are driven away by your unpredictable emotions.

It takes time to adjust to so many changes going on within and if you are not resting enough you might end up losing the most important and valuable things in life. Pregnancy is to be enjoyed. Having said that discover what works best for you and what doesn’t. It’s important to talk over things together with you partner, remember you are both becoming parents. Keep your loved ones nearby because later on you’ll really need them. Think of all the shopping required after birth and running around for the baby, but most of all, remember to breathe. Here are some things to expect when dealing with pregnancy.

  • Your emotions will be everywhere. Like I said earlier sometimes you want to cry other times you are happy. Its ok and its normal but remember to let your partner know what you going through, as they will be at the receiving end of this.
  • As much as you may feel overwhelmed, which you might, be open minded to the people around you. This is new for them too.
  • Take time to rest, you are growing a baby inside you after all, and your body is going through a lot of changes.
  • Ask for help when needed, and trust me you will need help. From cravings to morning sickness, sometimes its best to just ask friends, family ad your partner to help you through your pregnancy so you don’t feel like you are doing it all alone.

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