Are your periods making you tired?

That time of the month can be a little difficult for us girls. Our mood changes from happy to sad, we start craving all kinds of foods and sometimes we get cramps. This is all normal, but what happens when your period starts to make you feel exhausted?

For some girls they tend to feel tired during their period, this could be related to iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is when the white blood cells are being produced in the body and therefore there is no oxygen. As we are losing blood during our periods, it is common to lose iron along with it which is why its important to speak to your DR or a pharmacist when you find yourself unusually tired, eating lean red meat, leafy green vegetables like spinach, eating liver, fish, beetroot etc and taking iron supplements.

Also remember that it is important to keep active during your cycle to help your body with menstrual cramps as well as getting some extra oxygen in your body. What ever you do, remember to listen to your body.

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