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Q: “I have bought new clothes but I do not have space to put them. Please help xoxo

A: Hi there,When sorting a wardrobe there is quite a lot of ways of doing it. And as individuals we have our own unique way of organising our things. I’ve decided to focus on only 12 simplest options that work for most people, which are:

  • Using shoe boxes to organize things like socks.
    Stack T-shirts upright so that you can see which shirts are there.
  • Have a system in place for getting rid of items. Put the clothes that you wear the most at the back that way you can also wear the ones you haven’t woren in a while or just give them away.
  • Tie all your scarves around a hanger to create space for other clothes.
  • The roll-up method saves space in suitcases and drawers.
    Organize your clothes in advance to avoid messing up your wardrobe.
  • Organize your shorts with shower rings to create space to pack T-shirt and jerseys & free up more hangers.
  • Use pillow cases to keep matching sheets together
  • Conserve prime closet space: by hanging bags over the door using nails.
  • Double hanger space by using tabs from soda cans
  • Forget expensive jewelry organizers just use ice cubes trays to put your earrings in pairs.
  • Store out of season clothes in comforter bags

Hope you will find this helpful. 😉


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