Controlling partners

Love is something we all hope for and wish to have in our lives. However sometimes you can feel threatened and fearful in your relationship. This can be a sign that you are being controlled and locked down in your relationship. This means not being able to do things that you love or used to do because you want to make your partner happy. Whilst we all want to make our partners happy, feeling like you cant be yourself is not the way to do it.

After all, if you are in a loving, loyal, caring relationship your partner will love you for you. A relationship can be fun and fulfilling with the right person. But with a controlling person, it can drain you. Making sacrifices where at the end of the day you find yourself not happy and closing yourself from others. Not only is this a sign of being in a controlling relationship, but a sign to get out.

Here are some ways to see if your partner is controlling:

  • They choose friends for you
  • Show threatening behavior
  • Blame you for their mistakes
  • Don’t trust you
  • Make you feel paranoid
  • They put you down
  • They hurt you on purpose

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