What does it mean if your vagina smells weird?

Every now and then as a women you can start to experience a strange odor coming from your vagina. Whilst vaginal odor isn’t always something to worry about, there are some things to be on the look out for if you experience a funny smell.

  1. Vaginal discharge or vaginal itching and can be caused by different things such as infection, the kind of soap you use or even stress.
  2. Yeast infection.
  3. A forgotten tampon or sanitary pad left for too long.
  4. From not showering or bathing regularly.

Whilst these signs and symptoms can sometimes be solved at home, if the symptoms persist it is important to consult your doctor or clinic to get some help. That way they will be able to determine what the issue is and provide a form of treatment. The important thing is not to wait as any vaginal infection can lead to complications. If you have forgotten your tampon inside your vagina and you are unable to remove it, do not delay in going to your clinic. This is especially important as it can cause a serious illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome.

To enure your vagina is well taken care of make sure to do the following things:

  1. Wash your vagina regularly with warm water (no soap needed as some soaps can be harsh on your vagina)
  2. Wear clean dry cotton panties
  3. When you are on your period change your tampon or sanitary pad often.
  4. Use a condom to prevent any STIs

So ladies, remember that even though our vaginas are not always seen, they also need our love and attention.

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