How to form a study group

School and varsity can be very stressful especially with endless tests and exams. Which is why having a study group can be very helpful to alleviate some of the stress. Being in a study group opens you to other people’s input’s, study skills and tips that can help you. So how do you form a study group? It’s simple!

  • Get together with people doing the same course/subjects
  • Schedule a time during the week or weekend to meet and discuss.
  • Draft a monthly/weekly schedule.
  • Assign chapters/sections to each person which they will have to dive deep into to explain to the rest of the group.
  • Manage your study group time wisely and make sure it is productive.

Once you have formed a study group, you can then lay down common group rules, know everyone’s expectations, do team building exercises then you are good to go! I hope this is helpful to you, and you now have an idea how to create your own study group.

What do you think about it? We love your comments, and other girls can find them useful, so please go ahead and leave your thoughts!