Healthy eating on a budget

We all try to keep things consistent when following a healthy lifestyle. Truth is it can be very costly to maintain. So what does one do, to keep healthy and still have a little cash left? In his week’s article I will be looking at how to eat healthy on a budget. Whilst it may seem that healthy eating is expensive, it really doesn’t have to be. Here are few ideas on keeping healthy on a budget:

  • Buy food that is in season and then freeze it. By freezing the food you’re then able to preserve it for longer and it will still taste just as good in a different season. If you buy seasonal then you are also likely to get your fruit and veg at a reduced price.
  • Look out for food sales. Check out your nearest supermarket for any food sales that they may have. Anything from
  • Plan meals. By planning your meals you‘re then able to work with what you have. One is also able to plan their meals according the food bought from the food sale. It also sparks a bit of creativity in how one cooks food.
  • Try buy from the market rather than from the shops. The vegetables and fruits are fresh and affordable too.
  • Cut down on meat by having one less meat meal a week. This is not just good for you but also the environment! Also meat tends to cost more than fruit and vegetables so you will also save some money.
  • Plant your own vegetable garden. This saves a lot of money. You could also trade with friends and also sell some vegetables to buy something else you may need.


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