Are you Bae or Side Chick

You may not be sure if you are the main chick or side in your partner’s life.

There are just about a few things that can help ladies do a checklist on whether they are side chicks or not?

Its great spending time together indoors , however there is a difference between being hidden and staying indoors with your man. You need to at least meet people in his circle no man is an island, even if he is not a people’s person there should at least be people he associates himself with.

You man should be in touch with you at most times, does he make you a weekend special? Monday to Friday are usually hectic days, school, work a lot is happening but one should try making time for their loved ones. A little goes a long way even just 2 messages a day. Technology has also simplified our lives we have many means of communication. We know the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder not negligence makes the heart grow fonder.

We get the fact that men are not good with dates and planning however if  he keeps on missing on your outings, events he promised to attend without even calling to cancel or postpone then he probably is giving someone he values more the attentions he is ought to be giving you.

There is however a twist in social media, people tend to think when their partner is not opening up with their relationship on social media then they are side chicks, sometimes your man does not want validity from social media. Either that or he really is hiding something which is not hard to find because social media really has no privacy.

If you are more than 3 months into a relationship and still have not met his friends and have no idea where he stays then chances are you could be the side chick.

So are you in the side chick diary?

You really do not want to be  in the triangle relationship. If you are the side chick choose whether you want to stay or escape.

2 thoughts on “Are you Bae or Side Chick

  1. Hi my name is Nicki me and my boyfrend are sexually active but am having a problem of UTIs .l first had a UTI last month then was given antibiotics this month it also recurr so i had to get a treatment ..Right now im not quite show if its the sex that is causing it or …Me and my bf have talked bwt it and agreedtt will abstain till we kno the cause of it cause it kinda sim like sex is causing it

    1. Hi Nicki,
      UTIs happen to a lot of women and the causes and reasons can be far and wide. The first thing to do is see a gynecologist and have them have a look at your vagina. From there they can tell if the cause is actually the sex or some sort of virus that is living inside you and causing for the UTI to come back over and over again. Some of the causes of UTI are kidney stones, pregnancy diabetes and having a suppressed immune system. So before having sex again it is best to find out what the underlining cause may be.

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