Sexual fantasies

We have all had a sexual fantasy or two at some point in our lives. However, sexual fantasies are still seen as something dirty and out of the norm. In most cases, people think that sexual fantasies are something that should not even be discussed in relationships. Well, I’m here to tell you that you should discuss them.

Fantasies are exactly that, fantasies. They give you and your partner an idea of what you would like to try out. And even though you might not be able to perform all your fantasies, you can at the very least get an idea of what he or she, and even you like. Not only is this kind of communication necessary but can also be of great help to both of you. Furthermore, communicating your fantasies can make sex between you and your partner more enjoyable and fun.

After all, your partner should be the person you communicate with and trust with that information. So ladies, lets be honest about our fantasies. After all, sex is something great when you are with someone you love; however it is much better when you communicate your likes and dislikes.


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