3 ways to reignite your relationship

We have all been there. That moment when our long term relationship feels much older than it actually is. When the excitement and the “dating” stops and you both become lazy. Which is why it is important to constantly check in on your relationship to see how it is doing. Morever, to see how you can improve it and reignite the spark. Here are my three tips to reignite your relationship at any age and stage of your lives.

  1. Discover new things together: Even though you have been together for so long, there are so many things yet to discover about each other. Find new things to do together. Take turns to decide what to do next. If you run our of ideas look no further than your bucket list/wish list. You may find there are some things you have in common and others that are completely different from one another. What ever the case, take time to do them together.
  2. Set goals together: I know you already have individual goals that you wish to accomplish within a time frame. As a couple you can also set goals together and make sure that your goals are aligned so that you are not fulfilling just your own dreams, but committed to accomplishing things together. The goals that you have set together will keep your relationship healthy and interesting. It will also remind you in difficult moments why you are together.
  3. Go on dates: Like many people, you may realize after reading this that you haven’t been on a date with your partner in a while. This is the time to plan a date. So before you panic about price, remember that dates don’t have to be expensive. In fact you can have a date at home with a game, some good wine and a tasty home cooked meal. Try keep your phones off so that you are not distracted and you can focus on each other. 

So whether you have been together for 3 months or 3 years, it is important to like your partner as much as you love them. This means doing things you would usually do with friends or family. Surprise each other often and keep that friendship burning. Trust me, it will serve your relationship well in the long run.




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