Mending broken relationships

Relationships are like a glass, they can break due to small issues and misunderstandings. Unlike glass however, there are ways to mend your relationship. Most of the relationships that exist are not the best possible matches. However, whether your partner is 100% right for you is not important, what is important is how you move through your differences. After all, nothing breaks ones heart more than a broken relationship. We spend hours thinking about what could have gone wrong and how we can get back to the way it was before. Here are a few tips that you can look at to mend your broken relationship.

Understand the reason behind the treak

Before you can resolve anything, you need to understand the cause of it. Go through all your issues and find out where things have went wrong. After that you will realize that it is easy to find the solution to the problem. You will find that it is easy for you as couple to eliminate the problem and get back into the relationship. If not, then maybe the best you can both do is move on, no matter how hurtful that is.


One you know what the problem/problems are, you can start to forgive one another. After all, holding grudges can create more problems in future. Forgiveness can bring a new life between the two of you. Whilst sometimes difficult at first, forgiveness can also provide healing and comfort.

Renew the commitment

Now that you are back on track, let your partner know your new resolutions for your relationship. Commit to being good to your partner and avoid making mistakes. It’s true that we can never change the past; however we can make the future better.


Commit to communicating often and honestly about any and all issues that may arise in the future. After all, communication is key to any good and healthy relationship, and most issues which exist in the relationship can be resolved through communication.

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