5 Winter essentials

Winter is here and we all have to keep warm. However keeping warm doesn’t mean you have to lose your style or break your bank balance trying to stay fashionable. Below I have put together a list of 5 winter essentials you need to have in your wardrobe to enjoy winter.

1. A coat: Choose a coat that looks good on you, one that goes with most of your clothes and yet comfortable enough for jeans. You can experiment with bright colors such as pink, red, green or even orange. However black and navy blue will work well with nearly anything whilst keeping  the look classic. Choosing a classic cut will ensure you will be able to wear it for a number of seasons.

2. A hat: A  winter hat is a must have to keep your head and ears warm in the cold weather.  From berets to beanies or a more sophisticated wide-brimmed hat. There are plenty of choice’s out there to keep you warm and maintain your individual style. Definitely choose a colour that goes with your coat! Hats do not have to be an expensive buy and are a great accessory to dress up or down your outfit.

3. A scarf: With a scarf you can show your personality and look fashionable. Not only are they inexpensive you can buy them in a variety of colours, fabrics and styles. It is best to try wearing a scarf that will compliment your coat or match your hat. If you enjoy knitting you can make your own custom made scarf. The great benefit of wearing a scarf is  that it keeps your neck and chest warm whilst giving an edge to your outfit.

4. Gloves: Gloves are essential for keeping your hands warm when commuting. Darker shades are the most practical as they will not show marks and they always look smarter. Wool or leather are the best for keeping hands warm. And as gloves come in varying lengths, choose a length that reflects your style.

5. Boots: There is no doubt shoes complete an outfit, so for cozy toes this winter you need to get boots that are warm, comfortable and trendy. Preferably brown or black boots as you will find they go with everything. Boots are quite versatile as often they can be worn either on the inside or outside of trousers and jeans, and can also look great with skirts, and dresses.  They smarten up an outfit and can make wearing jeans look just a bit more stylish.  Leather boots may be more expensive but they will last longer and are easy to maintain.

A note to remember when buying these essentials:

  • It’s best to look at your lifestyle and find something that works for you
  • try to avoid colours that clash.as you will often be wearing all 5 at the same time in winter 🙂



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