8 ways to make studying fun

Sometime’s studying can seem exhausting and boring. We all go through moments where the thought of studying is enough to make us not do it altogether. Which leads to bad marks and the need to study even more. However, no matter the subject or how hard you find it, making studying fun is possible.

Here are some tips you can use to spice up your studying:

  1. Make the environment conducive by getting a good table, chair and lighting.
  2. Allow good air circulation to keep you fresh and not sleepy.
  3. Have soft music without playing in the background, this will help you relax and get into the zone.
  4. Having snacks to eat while studying will make you less lightly to leave your table to get food. Not only that, but snacks can also work as incentives when you finish a chapter or task.
  5. Take short 15-30 minute breaks in-between studying. Try go for a walk or do some chores around the house. Try avoid watching TV and surfing the internet.
  6. Make key cards to help you study with key points for the topic you are studying.
  7. Create your own tests and test yourself on what you have read.
  8. Join a study group with friends where you discuss different subjects and get help.

What do you think about it? We love your comments, and other girls can find them useful, so please go ahead and leave your thoughts!