Lipstick colours for dark skinned girls

As a dark skinned girl, sometimes it can seem like finding the perfect lipstick colour is impossible. However, with the right brands, and enough research you start to realize that its actually not that hard. Especially when you consider how diverse the beauty industry is now and all the options we have. Here are some of my tips for choosing a lipstick colour if you are a dark skinned girl:

  • For nudes, try anything in the walnut and caramel range. Depending on your skins under tone you may want to pick lipstick with gold or caramel undertones.
  • When going for vibrant colours, I think its best to go big or go home. After all, dark skin will help make the colour pop more and give you that WOW factor. Try reds and maroons for evening or even black if you are feeling up to it. What ever you do, don’t let the colour of your skin stop you from experimenting.  Any lipstick with a violet undertone will contrast beautifully with your dark skin.
  • For a perfect finish line, blend the outer corners with lip pencil that’s the same colour as your lipstick.

So ladies, what are some of your favorite lipstick shades and brands?




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