How to balance school work and home life?

As a young person it is natural that our family would expect us to get good marks at school and also help around the house. However while this may sometimes feel overwhelming, having chores and expectations is not meant to bring you down. It is to raise a strong woman that your family can be proud of. Despite many of us feeling like it is too much there are ways to get around this.

To begin with, it is important to prioritize. Plan your time wisely around your school work, chores and spending time with your friends. As your parents are paying for your education, it is important to place your school work at the top of your priority. Therefore your studying should take the most time, and be the thing you do first. If you want to have a break in-between school and homework, then start with chores. Have a snack and then get onto your studying as soon as possible before it becomes too late.

Secondly, speak to your siblings so that you split the chores and maybe even alternate. If you don’t have siblings, do surface cleaning and leave thorough cleaning for the weekend when you have more time. Another thing you can try is revising your work during your free periods at school which will leave you more time for yourself when you get home. If possible, leave the TV for the weekend, trust me it will be worth it in the end.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure that they know how important your education is so they don’t expect you to leave everything to be with them during the week. Make time on weekends and maybe even during the week walking back from school to talk and catch up. Your partner should understand and support you in this regard. The same also applies to your friends. With these tips, you will balance your life just fine. It’s okay to have fun, it’s part of life and growing up but it is also important to forget about your responsibilities.

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